Monday, 15 July 2013


This post is written for the 110 Creative Challenge Contest, hosted by Thewhitescape

Shopkeeper: “Yes sir, how may I help you?”
Gentleman: “How much is that solitaire?”

Boy: “Just one rupee sir… I haven’t eaten anything for two days…”
Gentleman: “Get lost! Shoo!”

Shopkeeper: “Would you like this one, with the rubies?”
Gentleman: “No, she doesn’t like red. It will be only diamonds.”

Boy: “Please sir!”
Gentleman: “Stop touching my car. And keep that fake crying for someone else.”

Shopkeeper: “Excellent choice sir! That will sparkle forever. Shall I keep it aside?”
Gentleman: “Yes, I think I have made up my mind. Gift wrap it.”

The sparkle of the diamond was smothered in a dark vault. 
The glitter of the teardrops remained. Forever.